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WHAT’S On in the CBD

A sweeping success story 14/8/17

The CCID has teamed up with Khulisa Social Solutions to provide structured work...

Towards affordable accommodation in the Cape Town CBD 18/7/17

There has been much talk about rising prices in the Cape Town Central City and...


Central City events: 17 May till 13 June

Stay warm this winter with this fabulous selection of CBD events and happenings.

15 May | 2017

Farewell Lynn Oliver

At the end of this month, the CCID says goodbye to the assistant manager in its Urban Management department.

15 May | 2017

A precinct by precinct breakdown of the Central City mix

There’s no doubt: Cape Town is following the trend set by international downtowns where millennials seem to be occupying the lion’s share of residential stock.

15 May | 2017

Second serve for Obey

“Go home and spend time with your family.” These were the words of a doctor at a state hospital when Obey Togarepi sought help after receiving a diagnosis of kidney failure in November 2015.

15 May | 2017

CCID CEO in the spotlight

This Q&A profile of Tasso Evangelinos first appeared in the May 2017 edition of Leadership. Our thanks to its editor, Simon Lewis.

15 May | 2017

CCID traffic wardens now on the beat

There is light at the end of the tunnel – or should that be the elevated freeway – for those who commute in and out of the Central City at rush hour.

15 May | 2017